This disabled rod holder is a cost effective answer to disabled fishing and one arm fishing.


Our most popular adaptive fishing system.  The best disabled rod holder in the market.


All the adaptive fishing equipment we sell is disabled fishing rod holders, all of them will work with any rod handle less than 1-1/4” in diameter.  Disabled Fishing with a fishing rod that has a gimbal butt and a rod holder that can receive a gimbal gives the disabled angler an advantage. To take advantage of the important features available in all of our rod holders.  Fishing with a gimbal butt (not included) on your fishing rod will be needed to it in place, preventing the rod from rotating from side to side or twisting when the angler is reeling in a fish.   When the fishing rod is inserted into the rod holder the gimbal will engage the pivot bolt located at the bottom of the rod tube.  By tightening the thumb screw (located on the top of the rod tube) the rod is held from moving forward when reeling.  A stainless steel spring loaded plunger ships with the rod holder, when used, the fishing rod will be locked in place.  The plunger is available if you want to use it. It dose require installation.   If you don't want to use the plunger, the thumb screw will also secure the rod. 

Modified Barracuda makes the best adaptive fishing equipment for Fly Fishing.  One arm fly fishing, Amazing!!  

People have been taking about the benefits of fishing for years.   Seeing how our equipment is changing lives is amazing.  We make equipment that can give anglers more independence, which will help to  improved confidence, reduce the signs of depression and relieve stress.  

People who suffer from fatigue from fishing, pain, paralysis, arthritis, loss of a limb, PTSD, stress and more, can add fun, excitement, and control into their fishing experience. 

Freedom Adaptive Systems - Where fishing is made easier for people who need a little help. 

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