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Freedom Adaptive Systems Adaptive Fishing Equipment
​Disabled Fishing

TheSide Winder our cost effective adaptive fishing rod holder as well as is one of the easiest to ware. It was designed for use by individuals with arm or hand mobility issues.  It is an excellent rod holder for catching many different sized fish.  Fish in excess of 32 pounds have been caught using the Side Winder. 

The tube that holds the fishing rod pivots allowing the fishing rod to be easily adjusted to one of four fishing positions.  An adaptive angler can set the hook and play the fish as well as most people the angler is fishing with.  An angler's ability to catch fish is limited only by their strength and abilities.

 he Side Winder will hold fishing rods with handles that are less than 1-1/4 inch in diameter.  For those rod that are larger just sand the handle down till it fits.   To take full advantage of the Side Winder's features  and to experience all the fun and excitement that the Side Winder offers, you have to secure the fishing rod in the Side Winder. To keep the rod firmly in place when reeling.   The fishing rod can be secured in the Side Winder by one of two methods, a nylon thumb screw that screws onto the butt of the fishing rod's handle to help with hold the the fishing rod in place when reeling.   Another method is the optional spring loaded plunger(sold Separately ) which requires adding a small hole in the end of your fishing rod for the spring loaded plunger to set in.  

you will want to install a gimbal butt on the fishing rods you’ll be using with your rod holder.  If you don't have a rod with a gimbal butt and you don't want to install one using the 3/8" white thumbscrew.  The Side Winder will work without modifications to a fishing rod, however to get the maximum benefit out of the system we recommend that you install a gimbal rod butt. 

The Side Winder sits on the side where the arm you are going to fish with is located.

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