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The Dorado is an adaptive fishing rod holder for a wheelchair. It is designed after the Side Winder in function.   Created for people in wheelchairs who have a difficult time catching a fish because of upper body limb issues and to give people in wheelchairs a break from holding a fishing rod.  This disabled rod holder is made to catch fish, and is only limited by the angler's ability and skill.   
One of the important features of the Dorado is the ability to keep the fishing rod from twisting when you are reeling in a fish.  By the tightening the white nylon thumbscrew down on the handle it will help hold the fishing rod in place when reeling.  The best way to hold the rod steady is to install a gimbal butt on the fishing rods you want to fish with.  The gimbal butt will connect with the pivot bolt at the bottom of the rod holding tube.   Tightening the white thumbscrew and you'er ready to fish.

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