Speed Clips

One of the most challenging task I have when fishing, is changing my bait with having the use of only one arm.  I started searching for something that would make my fishing experience easier.  I found that Norman Lures Magnum Speed Clips do a nice job at allowing me to change my presentation.  It still takes some effort to open them in order to swap out baits.  Norman Lures also makes a smaller version called Speed Clips (too small for me to work with).  I think that they would serve you well in targeting a smaller species of fish.  There are several “speed clips” to work with in the market place, most of them can be used to improve the disabled angler’s fishing experience.
Tight lines


Spiral Connectors 

I fish with braided line with a fluorocarbon leader.  I recently went fishing in the Puget Sound for Salmon using a spiral connector. It's a swivel with a spiral of the bottom. I was using one of the smaller ones rated that 40 pounds. It was easy to attach a flasher, Jig, etc. to it using a pair of forcipes to hold the spiral connector from moving. You simply thread whatever your putting on the line down the spiral in until it reaches the bottom and you're done. I found it easy to use with one hand and didn't experience any problems fishing with it. If you are looking for an easy way to attach leaders or other tackle to the end of your line a spiral connector may be what you need.

 Angler West TV     
If you want to become better at the sport of fishing no matter what your skill level, make Angler West TV a habit. Justin Wolff takes you to all kinds of places to fish for many verities of fish.  He goes fishing with a large number of experts using a number of different techniques.  True enough he doesn't film many shows featuring disabled anglers.  But who does?   Angler West TV is starting to shoot disabled anglers. We got together in Baja East Cape where he featured Freedom Adaptive Systems equipment.  I'm hoping that we can do more together to show some of the techniques I've developed over the years.    

One Hand Knot Tying 
The hardest thing about fishing for me is tying a knot with just one hand.  I've tried some machines that say they're one handed operations only to discover that they are one hand and a mouth.   There is one that I use a lot called Ty-All.  It great for tying a clinch knot or enhanced clinch knot.  Which will satisfy most of your needs.  

 Bait Saver Hooks

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Fishing with a disability Can sometimes be a difficult process to keep bait on a hook when I cast a line out.  These hooks will keep your bat where you put it for cast after cast.   They come is several different sizes.  

Freedom Adaptive Systems

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