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 South Africa.

Momma was so excited. She is going fishing soon with her husband and some friends from church. Said they know where the catfish can be brought in from the bank. Will send pics when I get them. My Mom is Penticostal and she wears dresses or skirts at all times so we will have to modify a dress for her to wear fishing to allow the leg straps to be connected. No big deal. She was so happy. I just want to thank you for this. You have put a huge smile on my Moms face and that is priceless. GOD BLESS YOU.

Scotty Boykin 

April 2017

 from United Kingdom 

Sunday, May 18, 2014 4:23 AM, Steve Burns

Hello Eddie,

Thank you for sending the Freedom Fishing System so quickly, I was expecting it to take much longer. It fits Nigel perfectly and he is extremely pleased with it. I fitted the rod handle to the tube using self amalgamating tape. I cut enough off to put the reel just in front of the tube. I put enough tape on to the rod handle, at the bottom and the middle, to allow the rod to be forced in to the tube , then taped over the join between the rod and the tube to make it water tight. The rod is now fixed very strongly in place. I used this method as I was not sure how various glues would react with the foam on the handle. Nige was able to use the system whilst standing and sitting. While we were out fishing yesterday he caught Thornback Rays, Dogfish, Pouting and Sea Bass. He also was able to feather for Mackerel. Thank you very much for developing this system, Each step Nige takes to wards doing the things he was able to do before the stroke, lifts his spirit and drives him forward to the next challenge.  He is now seeing that he can do the same activities as before but just needs to find new ways of doming them.  He has already started to race yachts again but instead of being the sail trimmer he is now on the helm having to learn new skills as he goes.

 Best regards


J. Tanton

I've seen this beast in action when my friend and I went tuna fishing in the Pacific. He wore the Barracuda because he only has one arm. We were both curious at first if it would hold up, but he was fighting and pulling in tuna in no time at all. We were out there fishing almost all day. If you've ever fished tuna you know how much of a fight they put up. The Barracuda did its job with ease. It's lightweight, comfortable and can be used with either hand. We brought in over 60 tuna that day and because of the Barracuda I can honestly say I've been out fished by a one armed man!

March 2017

02/22/15 at 9:55 PM

HI Eddie

Sorry was going through my photos and remembered you wanted some pics.

He is my nephew – I have a Deep Sea Boat and fish every chance I get.

The Barracuda is going great – its comfortable and well put together. After my Motorcross accident I  was extremely depressed to the thought of never fishing again. And in South Africa the focus on disabilities is a far cry from USA – So I want to thank you for giving me my freedom back.
I will send you a video of me fishing off the rocks in the Transkei managed to land a Raggietooth shark
Keep well and thanks for saving me

Kind Regards

Chilton Penery

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