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The Barracuda is Freedom Adaptive Systems' most popular fishing rod holder.  It's a rod holder designed to help people who have upper body mobility issues. The Barracuda is a harnessed rod holder that holds a fishing rod securely in front of you for use with either the right or left hand

This photo is shown with a spring loaded plunger (sold separately). Used to quickly lock the fishing rod in place.The standard Barracuda ships with a thumb screw used to help hold the fishing rod in place.


Side Winder

New to Freedom Adaptive Systems line up of Adaptive Fishing Equipment is the  Barracuda - Fly.  Now fly fishermen with the use of only one arm can enjoy the sport they love. 

Barracuda Fly

The Side Winder our cost effective adaptive fishing rod holder as well as is one of the easiest to ware. It was designed for use by individuals with arm or hand mobility issues. 

Freedom Adaptive Systems  is the place to go for disabled fishing equipment that supports one arm fishing. Put control, excitement and independence back in your fishing experience with                 Freedom Adaptive Systems.

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New to Freedom Adaptive Systems is the  Barracuda - Fly.  Now fly fishermen with the use of only one arm can enjoy the sport they love.  You don't have to buy two systems to fish a conventional method and fly Fish.  All you need is the Barracuda and the Barracuda Fly rod tube bundle.   

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Barracuda - Fly

Barracuda - Fly