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 The Barracuda is Freedom Adaptive Systems' answer to adaptive fishing equipment.  It's a rod holder designed to help people who have upper body mobility issues. The Barracuda is a harnessed rod holder that holds a fishing rod securely in front of you for use with either the right or left hand.  The configuration of the Barracuda helps to distribute energy to the shoulders, back, stomach, and the legs of the angler, while holding the rod in place when you are reeling in a fish. That's what adaptive fishing equipment should do.  

The Barracuda allows you to experience a new level of independence, control, excitement, and fun when fishing.   It is limited only by the angler's strength and ability.

The Barracuda will hold fishing rods with handles that are less than 1-1/4 inch in diameter.  For those rod that are larger just sand the handle down till it fits.  The best performance of the Barracuda is realized when using a gimbal butt and a spring loaded plunge (optional, sold separately).  They help to keep the rod in line and limit the movement when reeling in a fish.  


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