Geir Johnsen of Norway was unable to enjoy fishing for two years because of a stroke that took the use of his left arm. Now, on his first fishing trip using Freedom Adaptive Systems' Barracuda Fly he aught 7 salmon, one that was 15-1/2 pounds. Freedom Adaptive Systems fishing equipment is truly "Changing Lives By Design."

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Geir Johnsen again casting a fly line with one arm.  Geir is putting everyone on notice that his disability is just an Inconvenience. 

Adaptive fly fishing equipment  made for people with disabilities who want to fish.

Freedom Adaptive Systems Adaptive Fishing Equipment
​Disabled Fishing

New to Freedom Adaptive Systems line up of Adaptive Fishing Equipment is the  Barracuda - Fly.  Now fly fishermen with the use of only one arm can enjoy the sport they love. The Barracuda Fly is the result of our commitment to create the best disabled fishing equipment available. 

The system is made up of all the componiets of the Barracuda except rod holder tube, which is replaced with the fly fishing tube. The rod is held place by the notched configuration of the rod tube and the reel.

To convert  the Barracuda  from one system to another, just unscrew the nut and remove the bolt that holds the rod tube, remove one tube and then replace it with the other tube.  You'er Done!  All that's left is find a body of water and let the fun began

The Barracuda Fly will hold fishing rods with handles that are less than  1-1/4 inch in diameter.  For those rod that are larger just sand the handle down till it fits.  The best performance of the Barracuda is realized when using a spring loaded plunge (optional, sold separately).  To help to keep the rod secure while fishing.

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Barracuda Fly 

Barracuda Fly  at work

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